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SUVA-UDAY Education project is the carefully planned project protruding the Education system in India and changing the skeleton of it on a bigger level. This project changes the face of the academic structure entirely thus ensuring the education of the deprived masses which form a larger section of our society today. The fundamental goal of the project is to overcome the issue of economic crisis prevailing in the lower income groups and helping the minority sections of the society to educate themselves. SUVA-UDAY Education project will establish a foundation named as “SUVA-UDAY Foundation” which will act as the intermediary between the investors and the school.

Unlike the Government scholarships which only provides the financial help based on Caste and Financial Condition of the Student, the SUVA-UDAY will strive hard for students of every caste and every race who have financial problems or want to learn on their own. Also, the Foundation will maintain the track record of all the Students for whom the SUVA-UDAY foundation is paying which will help the Investors to get the analysis of how the funds are invested and whether the funds are properly utilized.


Brain Chamber Research Team works in the broader sections of physics, mathematics, and material research. We have our own R & D Lab, technological development and an in house research based product development. We have our associations with the Govt. research organizations like ISRO, ISAC, IIG, and EGRL.


We develop SUVA-UDAY education project with the motive of educating every single individual willing to learn. We aim at upgrading the ecosystem of the educational structure that will have an ever lasting impact on all the communities and societies of the country. Our prime intention is to establish an educating foundation which educates the needed one and does the handful work to educate India’s youth and thus securing the future of the nation. This education project will indirectly fight against the issue of unemployment on a long term basis.


SUVA UDAY education project consist people of high caliber who will work in co-ordination with SUVA UDAY to make it a grand Success. Following will be the main Stakeholders of the Project-SUVA-DAY chief, Investor, Student, Educational Institute, Co-coordinator, Parents.

Financial structure (Bank module)

School chartered has a well defined financial model which encompasses the exact role of the school, investor, school chartered foundation, and the banks.

The module functions in the following manner: Initially the willing investors visit the school chartered foundation requesting for the investments. The foundation then collects the investor details from the concerned person. The foundation then opens up an escrow account in the bank that is associated with the foundation; thus the foundation provides the details of the investor to the bank. The bank then processes the provided details and opens an escrow account for the investor. The escrow account no. for the same are notified to the foundation which is further given to investor. After this the foundation provides a valid login ID to the investor using which the investor will keep a track of his investments. The further processing of the funds will be taken care by the school and the foundation i.e. the School Chartered Foundation will supply the essential funds to the school as and when needed. The school will be in touch with the foundation for further queries.

Projects Created

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SUVA UDAY Education Project : Investor

Investor Registration

Investor Registration module handles the registration process of the Investor. In this module we register for the investor and thus provide a valid login ID to the respective investor.

Student Profile

Student profile module handles registration and the details of the students. In this module we register the student under SUVA-UDAY Education project and specify the entire minute detail of the student like school under consideration, etc.


SUVA UDAY Education Project : Student

School Chartered

SUVA UDAY Education Project : School chartered

School Chartered Report

The school chartered window embeds the student and the investor information involved in the Education project. This will specify the student under respective investor thus keeping a track of the investments.

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