Stage 1: Analysis (2 months)
           This stage projects the introduction of School Chartered along with a professional CA. This stage defines the overall analysis of the work flow of the school.

Stage 2 : Technical scrutiny ( 6 months)
           1.In this stage we bring in the technical expertise to study the technical pros and cons of the school.
           2.Investors (after 3 months)
After 3 months of technical scrutiny we collaborate with the investors. Investors are the one who invest into a student keeping in mind the social prospective.

Stage 3: Long term phase
           Further process of investments will begin in this phase, wherein we and the investors will actively take part in school expansion policies. We monitor and provide receipt of every single micro level utilization of hard earned investment of investor/foundation. Every single change in school will be drafted to support literature study of school chartered ecosystem

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