School Chartered

School Chartered will be the person whose work is to manage all the resources in school through our system. He will assign values to each and every individual and keep a track on them, thus ensuring that the whole system is running under the single person and the school is going in a right direction to achieve the goals. School Chartered is built to enable each person in your institution to thrive. It unites education and technology. It has an unrelenting focus on helping people reach their full potential and fuel their innovation and imagination.

Our system simplifies school management, helps to reduce manual works and generate complex reports effortlessly. Users are divided with different roles such as teachers, accounts, principal, administrator etc. System provides simplicity of usage than complex features. Each user can view only little functionality on the basis of rights given to them. We work with you to assess the current state of your investment and offer a variety of solutions based on your needs and goals. And this is just the beginning. Throughout our business relationship, we will continue to work closely with you to improve your bottom line, maintain positive cash flow, preserve your property values and provide timely and accurate financial reporting. Research suggests that School chartered is particularly effective in raising the achievement of educating the low-income and minority students in urban areas.

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